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October 14, 2014

The Soil Connection…


Makes me think of Permaculture. But then maybe it isn’t “permanent”.

August 29, 2014

5X5, It’s In The Numbers

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Patients often ask about this. Here is one doctor’s explanation. It doesn’t get any more simple… or profound (It only takes five). If you are interested in that sort of thing.

Thoughts from a Forbes article.

August 19, 2014

Probiotics and your skin


I have mentioned in the past that probiotics will be more and more in the news. Part of it is just convenient popularity, but there is a lot to be said for a deeper understanding of this subject. Here is a recent article as it relates to skin health.

August 16, 2014

An Apple A Day…


you know the rest. But it’s always nice to see science reinforce experience.

June 23, 2014

Comment’s From Thursday Night’s Free Tai Chi-In-The-Park Class


“I slept very well and was relaxed for the first time in months after that Tai chi session.
Thank you! “

After her first class!

June 11, 2014

Two Good Reasons For Eating Garlic

TIME-How Not To End Up Here

1. You want to be free of cancer.
2. You want to be free of heart disease.

(You want to be healthy!)

May 10, 2014

Make Your Health a Top Priority Before It Does!


May 5, 2014



“There is no shortcut to longevity. To win it is the work of a lifetime, and the promotion of it is a branch of preventative medicine.”

– Sir James Crichton-Brown (1840-1938), British physician and psychiatrist

April 21, 2014

Vaccinations: Some Do Some Don’t


Kristin Cavallari doesn’t… (We say that like everyone knows who she is:-)

February 26, 2014

How To Eat Like Our Lives Depend On It

This is the lead article in the current issue of YES! magazine. If you didn’t get a chance to read it while you were in the office (few patients would have to wait that long:-), then you can read it here. It’s a good article.

February 11, 2014

Walking is good…

2,000 steps to a healthier heart: Walking that far every day for a year can reduce heart attack and stroke risk by 8%

February 4, 2014

TIME, The Mindful Revolution, and (of course) Tai Chi


Here is the link to the TIME article, The Mindful Revolution. (Not everyone could let that cover photo go without commenting on race, gender and religion issues it raises for them: here is a link that weighs in on that.)

Here are some excerpts, but reading the whole article would be a good thing.

“…we’re in the midst of a popular obsession with mindfulness as the secret to health and happiness — and a growing body of evidence suggests it has clear benefits.”

“…meditation is considered an essential means to achieving mindfulness.”

“Already, many devotees see mindfulness as an indispensable tool for coping-both emotionally and practically- with the daily onslaught. The ability to focus for a few minutes on a single raisin isn’t silly if the skills it requires are the keys to surviving and succeeding in the the 21st century.”

Every Monday evening “…for eight weeks. …$350 to learn about meditation and mindfulness.” [That's $43 and change per session!!]

“…I would try to focus on my breath, as Paulette advised…”

“One evening we were introduced to mindful walking.” “Feel your heel make contact with the floor, then the ball of your foot,…”

“Some of this might sound like New Age retread of previous prescriptions for stress. Mindfulness is rooted in Eastern philosophy, specifically Buddhism. But two factors set it apart and give it a practical veneer that is helping propel it into the mainstream.” [practical "veneer" doesn't sound like a compliment, does it?]

“One might be thought of as smart marketing.” “…careful to avoid talk about spirituality…” “Think of your attention as a muscle.”

A related and potentially more powerful factor in winning over skeptics is what science is learning about our brains’ ability to adapt and rewire. The phenomenon, known as neuroplasticity, suggests there are concrete and provable benefits to exercising the brain.” “It’s difficult to dismiss mindfulness as fleeting or contrived.”

“Precisely because of this scientific component, mindfulness is gaining traction with people who might otherwise find mind-body philosophies a tough sell, and it is growing into a sizable industry.”

“…multitasking leads to lower overall productivity.”

“…technology has gone beyond what we are capable of handling.”

“Google, meanwhile, has an in-house mindfulness program called Search Inside Yourself.”

“…Steve Jobs said his meditation practice was directly responsible for his ability to concentrate and ignore distractions.”

“…scientists have been able to prove that meditation and rigorous mindfulness training can lower cortisol levels and blood pressure, increase immune response and possibility even affect gene expression. Scientific study is also showing that meditation can have an impact on the structure of the brain itself.” “The research has fueled the rapid growth of MBSR and other mindfulness programs inside corporations and public institutions.”

“…they are paying attention to scientific evidence…”

“Educators are turning to mindfulness with increasing frequency…”

“this is something that people are now finding compelling in many countries and many cultures, and the reason is the science,…”

So where is the Tai Chi is all of that?

Tai Chi is referred to by some as “moving meditation”. It is a “mindfulness” practice from start to finish. In addition to all of the above neuroplasticity benefits associated with the brain and stress management, Tai Chi also has a very long list of other health benefits – and an impressive body of research substantiating that it is the Tai Chi delivering those benefits, not something else.

In Everett, Tai Chi is available every Monday evening at 7 p.m. at Peak Health & Fitness for $10 per class.

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