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April 24, 2006

We Had a Ball on Saturday

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Our ball class in Seattle on Saturday went great. Everyone who said they would attend, showed up, and only one person broke the first rule of the ball: don’t fall off the ball! She survived and all went well from there.

The participants all said that they enjoyed the class and judging from the copious amounts of note taking, they all got something new from the experience.

For my part, I always enjoy drilling down on a subject or concept and dissecting each part of it with a “what, why, when, where, and who” analysis. You can never get too much context. For one thing these kinds of discussions allow a through understanding which helps a person understand the powerful effects that can be achieved. It also helps a person understand where things could go wrong – building their confidence that they will have a successful experience doing whatever it is – even something as simple as the ball.

This class was also good because some of the participants are also in health and fitness fields there was a lot of opportunity for sharing experiences and approaches.

Our venue, Dance Undergound on Capitol Hill, turned out to be great also. It offers plenty of space, no distractions, lots of mirrors, and a great surface. I recommend it highly.



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