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December 29, 2010

Workplace Wellness: Bending and Lifting

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Kayaking on the Methow circa 1965

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There was a phone call the other day from a guy who had attended a presentation I gave last month for the Senior Care Coalition. He wanted me to review “those three exercises you showed us.”

How Do You Prevent Back Injury?

I had talked about the three body mechanics principles critical to preventing back injuries, and the most important muscle to stretch in preventing back injuries (not a back muscle by the way).

The “three exercises” were actually three different ways to stretch: passive, active and eccentric. In this case I showed them how to stretch that one muscle most important to proper lifting technique in each of those ways. Most importantly we talked about how since we all bend over many times a day, doing it correctly builds strength and proper technique; doing incorrectly leads to increased risk that one day the bend and lift will end up being a bend and hurt.

Besides the three different ways to stretch that muscle – if you were only going to stretch one, it would be that one – we also talked about the second most important muscle, then the third most important muscle (none are back muscles by the way). And we talked about different ways to stretch each of those.

How Do You Know If Your Employees Are At Risk?

If you are individual, knowing whether you are at risk for a back injury might be useful; if you are a company knowing how to know if your employees are at risk is just smart. So we reviewed the single most valuable predictor of a back injury – something you can’t really do anything about after the fact; and the second most reliable indicator of whether you are at risk of injuring your back – a simple screening procedure that takes a few minutes and can easily be done on the work site.

What Are You Doing To Prevent Back Injuries At Work?

And what if you are at risk for a back injury? Well, here is where a hundred experts will give you a hundred and two opinions. We keep it simple and focus on what is sustainable (cheap and easy to implement and maintain). By addressing the three key biomechanical principles and using everyday, day-to-day, activities as practice opportunities we can help you or your employees do several things that help insure success: (1) start where you are, (2) have a reasonable goal (normal), (3) know how you are going to get there (a plan), and (4) be able to take the next most appropriate step (rather than attempt something that will hurt you in the process of trying to help you).

Has What Your Company Done In The Past Made A Measurable Difference?

There is no sense in wasting time impressing you with detailed bits of knowledge acquired over 35 years of studying the subject; more information is rarely the solution. You have to experience the results you want and you have to have a convenient, simple, safe, and affordable way to integrate what you need to do into your daily routine. You don’t need more stuff to think about and another thing to try to fit into your busy life.

We All Know How To Say “Core Strength” By Now, But Do You Know How It Fits Into Your Daily Activities?

Bending and Lifting is just one of five different areas of our daily life where we can focus on correct alignment and movement (biomechanics) principles and – through awareness – begin to build health rather than foster risk. These five areas are areas where you are already involved in a daily practice. You are either doing these things correctly and thereby maintaining (even building) health, or you are doing them incorrectly, in which case you gradually moving in the direction of increased risk of injury, dysfunction, and disease.

Invest In Prevention – Call (425) 348-5207 To Discuss How You Can Decrease Risk And Increase Job Satisfaction

Mindfullness. It’s simple and sustainable. It will keep you safe. Can you afford, in the long run, to not do it?

Workplace Wellness Programs
Simple & Sustainable

Chiropractic (Activator Methods)
Tai Chi Chuan
Diet and Nutrition
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  1. Who is the people in this pic.? Two carrying the canoe and young boy beside it?

    Comment by Aunt Margie — January 8, 2011 @ 10:44 pm

  2. The one in front is Bob (step dad). I am in the middle. Uncle Frank (Bob’s brother) is in the back.

    They each built a kayak to race in the 49er’s River Rat Race that year. Frank almost drowned training for it; Bill (the oldest brother) ended up winning the race. And I got to learn to kayak. It was fun.

    And… bending and lifting while walking down a river bank is tricky stuff!!

    Thanks for the comment Aunt Margie. We miss you and I have been thinking of calling… will do so soon.



    Comment by Dennis Dilday — January 10, 2011 @ 4:12 pm

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