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December 19, 2011

The Best Exercise For Improving Your Mood

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The Many Layers of Tai Chi and Yoga

The Sound Holistic Health Clinic above the Co-Op in Everett has begun sending out an e-newsletter. Today it came with an article on Yoga as the best exercise for improving your mood. I won’t go into the details, if you want to read the article, here is the link.

I mention this only to remind you that anything and everything that can said about Yoga, can also be said about Tai Chi – and visa versa – (the one exception is that Tai chi of sufficient caliber can offer real transferable self defense skills). Of course I mean once you get past the Yoga-is-an-Indian-thing and Tai Chi-is-a-China-thing, and Yoga is mostly seen as a holding still thing; Tai Chi is mostly thought of as a moving thing (neither are really true but you know what I mean, there are some obvious differences). I am referring to health benefits.

There will be lots of reasons why you choose one over the other, starting with what is available to you. Nowadays the average Yoga class is of high enough caliber that you will likely not get hurt if you are careful (though I still get several new patients a year from Yoga classes). That can’t necessarily be said about Tai Chi classes: there is a lot of variation in quality of teaching, and while intentions may be good, “a minute discrepancy can lead to an error of a thousand miles” as they say in the Tai Chi Classics.

The other important point, one I make constantly, is that Yoga, like Tai Chi is a complete system (with that one exception I mentioned). It does offer many many benefits, including the production of all those happy chemicals (think GOOD mood). I argue that unless you have lots and lots of free time to do everything separately, doing Yoga or Tai Chi is a great way to leverage your time and get a wide variety of benefits, safely. Sure there are other ways to stretch. There are other ways to get strong, even better ways. There are many other ways to train balance, coordination and to condition the cardio-vascular system. There are other ways to train self defense: most are too dangerous to be practically called a “health” practice though. And there are other ways to rehabilitate various body parts and to restore normal qualities of movement and proper biomechanics. There are other ways to develop focus, concentration, awareness and sensitivity. Lastly, there are several other ways to train and restore to normal your breathing patterns (something you will be hearing more and more about if you follow the health and fitness industry). There are only a few ways to get all those benefits and more SIMULTANEOUSLY! Yoga is one way. Tai Chi is another.

And then there is the fun factor. Tai Chi has that in Push Hands practice if no where else.

So as you contemplate what you will do in terms of exercise as your New Year’s Resolution, consider a Yoga class or video, and consider Tai Chi. it will do your body good.


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    Comment by fremont chiropractor — December 19, 2011 @ 5:51 pm

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