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April 12, 2012

Arterial Compliance Improved With Tai Chi

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Through the wonders of the World Wide Web (and probably Google for all I know), I received the following from a tai chi guy I don’t even know in my email in box. How cool!

HONG KONG – A study recently published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology indicates that older people who regularly practice Tai Chi have better arterial compliance and muscle strength than those that don’t.

Arterial compliance refers to how arteries expand and contract according to cardiac pulsation (heart beat). The researchers explain in an accompanying report that when the arteries experience stiffness, it is closely associated with cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, arterial compliance is now considered to be an important predictor of cardiovascular health risk. In this study the subjects that practiced Tai Chi for at least 1.5 hours a week showed a significant advantage over the group that didn’t practice the art.

The measurements showed that both large and small artery compliance was 40-44% better in the Tai Chi group. Also, the Tai Chi subjects had greater average muscle strength in both their knee extensors and flexors.

While there have been multiple studies that have demonstrated the health benefits of Tai Chi, this study was the first to focus on a comparison of arterial compliance between the Tai Chi practitioners and the non-participating group.

If you’re interested in improving your heart health and maintaining muscle strength naturally, you might want to consider practicing Tai Chi.

“The study findings showed that older Tai Chi practitioners have better arterial compliance and knee muscle strength than their healthy counterparts. And, because Tai Chi can be practised at any time, anywhere, and without the constraints of equipment or a gymnasium[Emphasis mine!], Dr Tsang added that this traditional Chinese exercise could be a good exercise strategy for older adults, both for vascular health and for muscle strengthening.”


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