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June 21, 2012

Sometimes You Have To Do Your Own Thinking

A patient was in the office the other day because of a headache. She started her care with us last year with debilitating headaches, did well, and now comes in every several months or so.

The rest of the story… Turns out she had fallen while jumping up onto a box. That’s when my ears perked up. Fifty years old and 250 pounds she is out of shape and has arthritic lower back pain. So why was she jumping onto a box? Her personal trainer at the gym had her doing Plyometrics! It was her first day of doing that particular exercise. She had been going to the gym a grand total of four weeks!

I mention this not to blame the patient. She trusted the “expert.” I mention this because you have to be careful who you listen to. Be careful. Progress slower. She is lucky that she only bruised up her wrist and leg in the fall. She is lucky that she had a headache and knew where to go for relief. She is lucky that we had that conversation and she will no longer be jumping up onto boxes at the gym. Hopefully her personal trainer learned something.

I am also not saying that your personal trainer should be your age and shape to trust them. But realize that if they are not your age and shape they may not be able to relate. A couple of years in the gym and a Certification doesn’t automatically make them expert enough to manage your fitness program even if you are otherwise unhealthy.

Start slow, get good advice. Progress slowly.


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