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July 14, 2012

Guess Who Is Following The Evidence On Reducing Health Care Costs

The current issue of Yoga Journal carries an article about a guy who was injured in a skiing accident and discovered the benefits of Yoga and alternative health care (he didn’t say which alternative health care) in terms of reduced stress and lowered health care costs.

A Fortune 100 CEO, this gentleman surveyed his employees and found that “stress was one of top [sic] drivers amoung our employee’s health status.” “When you look at the impact of stress on the body and brain, the potential of stress-reduction programs in the workplace is pretty profound.” (We talked about a survey on this subject just last month.)

One thing lead to another and in 2008 this CEO and his company were able to partner with Duke University Medical School to do a scientific study of the effects of yoga in the workplace (his employee’s workplace). (Here is some recent research on the subject by The Mayo Clinic.)

The results: $2000 saved annually in health care costs by people with the lowest stress compared to those with the highest stress; 33% decrease in stress after taking yoga stress-reduction  classes; 1 hour per week time spent in yoga class that resulted in lower stress. (When it comes to prevention, a little goes a long way… and the stakes are high.) (Also Note: ONLY ONE HOUR PER WEEK of class. That Return On Investment is why some employer’s are paying their people to take such classes!!)

At this point about 10 percent of the 33,000 employees at this company have participated in the stress-reduction classes.

So which company do you think would be so progressive, so tuned in to what’s best for their employee’s health, what the latest research shows, and their company’s bottom line? Aetna “one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies”.

(Note: Aetna is an insurance company that values a chiropractic visit at $26 and makes the subscriber pay a $25 co-pay, FYI.)



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