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July 30, 2012

The Mindfulness Wedge

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There is a split second between the Trigger (event) and the lizard brain (automatic) Reaction that often gets us into trouble – at least into some level of upset, if not worse.

Whether it’s the person who cuts us off in traffic, or the tone of a spouse’s voice when commenting on how you eat an apple, think about a wedge that you can put between that person cutting you off or your spouse’s comment, and your Reaction. It’s a very tiny split second so the wedge may have to have a very thin small end. (It’s a practice, so be patient with yourself.)

When you wedge that space open a bit what is there?


The feeling has meaning.

This is where the wedge of mindfulness can be inserted to (1) be with the feeling (mindfully), and (2) gradually explore the meaning. Meditation helps you do all of this as a natural part of the process – it’s essentially automatic. But you can do it consciously. I thought there was already a decent Post here somewhere about Mindfulness, but didn’t find it so far. Maybe I will add one later.

The point is that if the Triggers in your life generate automatic Reactions that are not resourceful for you, looking at the feelings and the meaning might help. You can only do that if there is space there and a little awareness. Use Mindfulness as a way to leverage the process so that you can (1) first experience the feeling without generating the automatic (dysfunctional) Reaction, and (2) get to the meaning, if you want to. (This becomes all about making your response a real CHOICE.)

I shared an example of this process and it’s evolution in this earlier post about practicing my Sabre Form at the Park one time. It’s titled “Work To Do.


  1. This is a great blog, you have so much wisdom, thank you for sharing and making it available to all who want it. Mary

    Comment by Mary Fordham — July 31, 2012 @ 12:39 am

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