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September 21, 2012

This Week It Was Knees

Seems like things run is patterns. Some weeks everyone has a shoulder problem. Sometimes it is headaches. This week it was knees.

A new patient who had his first visit and an adjustment two days ago, returned today. A 43-year old Boeing mechanic weighing 340 pounds, this patient favored his right leg when he walked and, when asked about it, said it was due to “knee problems”. His history included soccer ’til age 25, two falls down stairs, and years as a mechanic, so no surprise.

This patient actually came in for lower back pain that he has had off and on since 2009. He has a typical history, except that now he is seeing a chiropractor.

Anyway, he was adjusted with the Activator Instrument following the Activator Method, which included adjustment of the knee (knee cap actually). He was advised how to use ice to reduce inflammation and decrease pain. Today he returned saying that his knee pain is essentially gone and so is his lower back pain, with some stiffness in the mid back yet. He is sleeping better. A great response to just one visit. So good in fact that he went across the street to shop and ended up referring in a new patient (one with knee pain, of course:-)

He is the second new patient this week who reported really good results based partly on having the knees checked and adjusted. Of course, the spine was also adjusted.

What is worth knowing here is that nowhere in ordinary medical care in this community would knees get adjusted. Drugs, of course would be prescribed. Imagine how much fun exercises with a Physical Therapist would have been when the drugs didn’t work. Very few chiropractic doctors would have adjusted the knee either.

With knees comes checking to make sure that patients properly get up and down off of the ground: if they don’t, their knee corrections won’t last and knee damage and pain are in their future. The 340 pound new patient didn’t break the knee rule, but his legs, hips and back were so weak that he had to push himself up with his hands on his knees to get up (strengthening work to do there). Several of the others that were checked this week did break the knee rule and that was addressed.

Something to remember about joint cartilage: it doesn’t have pain fibers. So abnormal wear and tear resulting in loss of cartilage does not cause pain. This is why we think that it is important for employers to screen employees to make sure that they know how to move properly as part of their safety training. It is easy to do. It catches problems early and prevents progression. And it saves money!



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