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November 18, 2012

The Inverse of Drugs-As-Health-Food From Yesterday’s Post

From Uncle Bill’s Collection

I wouldn’t believe if I didn’t “see it” with my own eyes. It’s on the internet so I know it’s gotta be true. There is a little sensationalizing going on but if the bare facts are accurate then fact is definitely stranger than fiction, and… “What’s this world coming to?”

Child Interrogated, Suspended From Public School For Having Kombucha Tea In Lunchbox

Here is the horse’s mouth version from the hero of this story (aside from the mom who contacted her – she is also a hero). I hope these kids don’t go on to a life of crime.

Incidently, the tea referred used to be called mushroom tea commonly. I guess that’s not such an appealing name. Anyway, the the Synergy Brand, Trilogy flavor is fantastic and the drink is a very healthy choice in my opinion: no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol (or not enough to matter), and lots of probiotics, enzymes and amino acids. it doesn’t get much better (well, it could be priced better:-) I recommend it. (But don’t shop for it at the Fred Meyer across the street from our office. We are having a hard enough time keeping the shelves stocked with that flavor:-)


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  1. […] talked here a few times about probiotics and health. This video is a good review of some of the impacts of disturbing the bacterial balance […]

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