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December 17, 2012

What’s the one thing I should do…?

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A patient asked the other day what one exercise he could do to strengthen his back. He said that he wanted to do it in the morning. I asked him to clarify “strengthen”, he asked if it would be better for him to stretch…

We talked and I gave him an answer. Here is a better answer:

It almost doesn’t matter who you are, whether you wish to loose weight, recover or rehab from a back pain episode, get in better “shape”, or decrease stress, the answer as far as I am concerned is Tai chi. If you only had five minutes to do something and you wanted the most benefits in that time frame: tai chi. If you are concerned about safety and avoiding a relapse: tai chi. If you wish to attain normal levels of strength, flexibility, balance, coordination or endurance: tai chi.

This patient asked about strength. Most people wouldn’t think of Tai chi when looking for strength, but that’s because most people don’t know Tai chi. And here I am simply referring to the Hand Form, nothing else more complicated. Just doing the Hand Form will give the average person more strength training than they can handle.

What current scientific research is showing is that breathing (in all the ways it shows up), is much more important than was previously realized. Good trainers and coaches of all descriptions will now be looking for stress breathing and managing their clients workouts accordingly. Tai chi teaches breathing FIRST.

Another area, now being recognized as much more important than previously realized, is quality of movement (over quantity for example). The neurology of movement, as it relates to exercise and injury risk as well as recovery, is at the leading edge of today’s scientific discussions. Tai chi is all about proper body mechanics and movement quality; slow movements drive powerful neurological patterns that result in normal, stable, strong, balanced and coordinated movement that protects against injury.

When the longest lived culture on the planet decided that it wanted to enhance the health of its population through exercise, they choose Tai chi. A system of exercise once kept secret and only available to the elite class. There’s a reason.

Find a class with a decent teacher or contact me for private tuition at (425) 348-5207 or dennis@doctordilday.com. Look for a teacher that is part of a school with a lineage and a traditional syllabus. There are a bunch of reasons that I can explain if you ask.


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