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March 13, 2013

Priorities in Nutrition


This article (Damn! I lost track of the article: the rest of this still applies:-)) drives home an important point: with limited resources (we all have limited resources) which of the many important nutritional (supplements) do you spend your resources on and which do you pass on.

There is a priority that I follow and recommend. You don’t have control over everything all the time, but if you know and understand the priorities (yours might need to be a little different), than you can choose with awareness instead of being asleep at the (commercial) TV. (Keep in mind that the Chiropractic approach to all of this is to keep it simple: Physical, Chemical and Mental/Emotional: so this all fits under the heading of Chemical; the other categories have their own stories…

First comes AIR – if you can clean the air in your home and at work, more the better. If you can live where the air is relatively clean, even better. (This comes into play in all kinds of lifestyle choices. Just think about it and choose as best you can.)

Then WATER – first comes awareness, then do the best that you can. Safety first, where that is an issue; then choose for health. (We obviously favor Kangen Water for many many reasons, but filtered and distilled have their place and are incremental improvements over tap water in almost every case.)

Only then does FOOD and supplementation come into play. Here strive for a healthy diet. I won’t cover the details of that here: supporting that with WHOLE FOOD SUPPLEMENTS – namely JuicePlus+ – that provide basic vegetables, fruits, and berries comes next. (I put Blue Green Algae in this category too, and depending on a few things it may or may not come before the next item on this list, same with Bee Pollen…)

Then, and only then, would I move on to FISH OIL or an equivalent.

Then the Vitamin D issue, Magnesium, and other lesser line items.

Last and very low on the list compared to all of the above is all the individual nutrients now pushed by the media as each new “wonder drug” supplement gets sliced off and sold as “essential”. They have the buzz words down, and they know your weaknesses.

Basically, you just need good whole foods. If you can’t, won’t or don’t get them in your diet, then eat the supplements that will provide the same nutrition and Bridge the Gap between what you do eat and what you should eat.



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