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April 5, 2013

Who Benefits Most?

Recently patients have come in the office and we have reviewed and revised their home exercise program, as we often do. A couple of these patients have been frustrated by the fact that they have so much trouble performing the simplest tasks. They either can’t keep their balance, can’t quite “get” how to do it, are not coordinated, or they get started but then loose their concentration and get lost in the movement, not knowing quite what comes next.

These are wonderful signs! With a little more simplifying here and a little supervised practice there, they do get it. With encouragement these patients begin to realize that they will gain the most, benefit the quickest, and make the most progress compared to someone who has no trouble and needs little or no supervision once they get the picture and hear the instructions.

On all levels, from understanding what is being said, to performing the movements and internalizing the sensation of the exercise, these patients that initially have so much trouble, without exception have the most profound recoveries.

This the main thrust of a personalized exercise program: finding the match between what you need to do, what you can do, and what you will do. Doing that now, at this point, and later when you are at a different level. Being able to put in front of you just what you need, right when you need it, to get you where you want to be. It’s one of the most fun things about clinical practice. And when it comes to exercise, if you really want to make the progress, I can always figure out a way. Always.

It’s easy to feel intimidated, scared of a relapse, and even like you are a little “slow”. That’s Ok. It’s perfect in fact. New research in the field of exercise showing the effects on the brain now help us understand why a guy who can’t do the Cross-Crawl pattern is able to get off the medication for his mental condition once he is helped to practice that pattern for a while. The Mind and the Body are connected!

In fact we all feel inempt when we begin Tai Chi. Everyone of us. And we don’t like it… at first. But watching and feeling; sensing and experiencing the progress we make over time, that’s the really fun part. Feeling fitter is a wonderful feeling. Eventually, we become comfortable going through that process and we end up signing up for more, and more, and more. First it’s the Hand Form. Then Push Hands. Then the Left Handed Hand Form. Then The Spear. Then… Then…

It’s the same process with the Gym Ball work; the same with the Stabilization exercises. It’s the same with everything.

Stay with it. Ask for help. Keep coming back to review and revise. Ask for more help. Have fun!


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