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May 1, 2013

Mind-Body Therapies Aren’t For Everyone

But it seems that 40 million of us are using them, according to a survey in 2007. And 3 million people in this country are doing either tai chi, qigong or both. Twice as many are doing yoga. All to the tune of $4 Billion annually. I’m sure that’s one reason mainstream medicine is taking notice.

Another thing catching the mainstream medical establishment’s attention is the exponential growth in scientific studies over the past 20 years: over 750 just in the English language. Equally surprising is that over 175 of those studies are randomized controlled trails which signals a rigorous effort to minimize bias.

So you’ll see it more and more. There are already folks who have trademarked “Tai Chi for Depression” and “Tai Chi for Fall Prevention” and another one that I can’t think of right now. This is marketing at work. There is no research available to indicate that these special programs are any more or less effective than traditional tai chi, of course, but they sound impressive.

Another trend is to cherry pick pieces of tai chi and apply it or re-name it and apply it to rehabilitation, the way the rehabilitation community has done with yoga for thirty years.

These efforts will make things interesting… and confusing, especially for the unwary. Case in point: there is a Korean based outfit pushing their brand of Tai ch & Yoga which contains no tai chi and a real yoga person might say no yoga, but it is marketed well.

My teacher often comments that everyone wants to be a teacher, but not everyone has much to teach.

Depending on the benefits that you want a piece of tai chi spliced together with other pieces or with something that is not tai chi may be enough for you. It might not matter.

To get all of what tai chi offers most responsible authorities would recommend a traditional syllabus offered by a teacher with a lineage and some experience – hopefully even some credentials from a reputable organization. Here is one example.


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