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May 26, 2013

The Harvard Medical School Guide To Tai Chi – A Book Review15

Transition to High Flying Oblique

Transition to High Flying Oblique

High Flying Oblique

High Flying Oblique

2. Intention (Including Belief and Expectation)

“Phrases from the Tai Chi classics such as ‘Be still as a mountain,’ ‘Move like a great river,’ and ‘Stand rooted like a tree,’ as well as the names of many Tai Chi movements themselves (for example, ‘Wave hands like clouds’) include images that guide you toward certain kinesthetic, emotional, and energetic states.”

“…Tai chi classics emphasize that all embodied movement begins with belief, thought, or intention: The mind (yi, intention) leads to Qi, and the Qi moves the body.”

“Our research supports the Tai Chi principle that what you think and believe affects your physiology and how you feel.”

“Rigidly clinging to any technique, cognitive or physical, can inhibit your progress, because it limits experiencing what is really happening in your body and impedes the organic evolution you are gently shepherding along in Tai Chi training.”

About the Photo

A really cool transition and a great move with weight shifting, up and down as well as spiral movement. Note the shoulder range of motion and the balance challenge.


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