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June 1, 2013

The Harvard Medical School Guide To Tai Chi – A Book Review21

In transition to another Brush Knee Twist Step, pushing with the right hand again

In transition to another Brush Knee Twist Step, pushing with the right hand again

6. Natural, Freer Breathing

“Efficient, mindful breathing is a key element of Tai Chi and a fundamental pathway through which Tai Chi training affects health and well-being. In Tai Chi, and more broadly, in traditional Chinese medicine, the breath is important not only for efficient gas exchange – that is, oxygen in and carbon dioxide out – but also to serve additional key functions. These functions include massage of the internal organs and tissues, regulation of emotions, and movement of internal energy within the body and between the body and surrounding environment. Breathing also serves ass a mechanism for accentuating or implementing other active ingredients of Tai Chi, such as awareness, intention, and structural integration.

Breath awareness and training exercises have played a prominent role in nearly all Eastern healing traditions, including Tai chi, Qigong, yoga, and other meditative practices. Breathing is also a primary focus of numerous contemporary mind-body therapies developed in the West, such as Middendorf Breath Work, Breath Therapy, Sensory Awareness, and Holotropic Breathing. Breath awareness and training is also being integrated increasingly into biomedical stress reduction programs and sports training, and Tai Chi and other mind-body research is informing this integration.”

About the Photos

From Front Stance to Back Stance, with the hands circling – dropping the right hand down and back (palm up) while the left hand comes across (palm down), the body turning… the shoulder, arm and hand staying round… and maintaining neutral spine with the head turning along with the waist.

Continuing in transition..

Continuing in transition..

Beginning of Brush Knee Twist Step

Beginning of Brush Knee Twist Step


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