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June 5, 2013

The Harvard Medical School Guide To Tai Chi – A Book Review25






Transition to Step Up Parry and Punch

Breath and Movement of Qi

“As the classics suggest, ‘The inhalation and exhalation are long and deep and the Qi sinks to the tan tien.'”

7. Social Support (Including Interaction and Community)

“Simply stated, being and feeling connected to others makes you healthier and happier, and fosters a longer life. Thus, one of the active ingredients of Tai Chi is the rich psychological support it affords.”

About the Photo

Note the Yin-Yang hands, the neutral spine, etc.

As you learn the Forms you are working out all the details of timing. One way to get the feel for how it goes is to experiment with the speed. In general everyone will say that you should do the Form very slowly. Well, that’s all relative and eventually the Form will take over and find it’s own speed. But in the beginning speed up now and then to feel the rhythm of the movements and how they flow from one to the other, then you can slow down again and put it together properly.


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