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June 10, 2013

The Harvard Medical School Guide To Tai Chi – A Book Review28

Embrace Tiger Return To Mountain 1/2

Embrace Tiger Return To Mountain 1/2

Embrace Tiger Return to Mountain 2/2
Embrace Tiger Return to Mountain 2/2

Spirituality and Health

“What’s more, epidemiological data show strong relationships between spiritual factors and health outcomes; this connection has opened up the discussion of the role spirituality plays in health and medicine. Dozens of accredited US medical schools now offer courses in spirituality in medicine.”

“Clinical trials show that prayer and meditation influence immune physiology and neurophysiology. A whole scientific field, called pychoneuroimmunology, exists to study the interaction between psychological process, including spiritual beliefs, and the nervous and immune systems.”

“Finally, Tai Chi can help you make the connection between spirituality and the larger universe. For many, deep breathing leads to an exchange of energy with nature. Also, Tai Chi is designed to give you a feeling of being grounded and connected to the earth. It affords you the opportunity to connect your essence or spirit with something that is a part of a bigger whole. To feel connected with nature and each other may be why millions of people in China and around the world gather in parks to practice Tai Chi in the morning.”


“Long-term regular practice of the same Tai Chi forms becomes a daily, almost liturgical, act and can represent a journey to a sacred presence.”




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