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June 12, 2013

The Harvard Medical School Guide To Tai Chi – A Book Review30

Transition to Grasp The Bird's Tail

Transition to Grasp The Bird’s Tail

Grasp the Bird's Tail 1/2

Grasp the Bird’s Tail 1/2

Grasp the Bird's Tail 2/2

Grasp the Bird’s Tail 2/2


Proof of the Promise: Tai Chi through the Lens of Modern Science

Chapter 4

Improve Your Balance and Bones

“Balance and your relationship to gravity involve many interacting factors, including strength and flexibility, sensory perception, neuromuscular coordination or synergy, and cognitive process. Understanding these components, including how they degrade with age or disease, and understanding how Tai Chi affects them will help you appreciate why Tai Chi is often so effective at improving balance.”

“In fact, the Surgeon General’s report specifically recommends Tai Chi as a good exercise for fall prevention.”

About the Photo

This business of turning around, how you pivot the feet, shift the weight and generate force is all very confusing in the beginning. In addition, most haven’t got the flexibility, coordination, or balance to pull it off until it’s been practiced for a long time. That’s part of the beauty of the whole thing. Once you do get these stepping weight shifting movement down and see that it’s moving into and out of Front Stance and Back Stance, and the feet are always lining up and moving in certain ways, it eventually all makes sense and comes naturally. Meanwhile, your body has transformed into a stable, flexible, coordinated and balanced model that can function in daily activities of live without challenge. You then enjoy the point of fitness, not the working out, but being healthy and capable.


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