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August 24, 2013

Ignorance Is Not Bliss When It Comes To Back Pain


“They can’t teach you what they don’t know; and they can’t lead you where they won’t go.” – From Restoring Your Eyesight, A Taoist Approach, by Doug Marsh.

I sat down to write a Blog Post when the housekeeping person (I guess that’s what you call them nowadays, not “maid” certainly.) came in to clean up.

Naturally, I noticed how she made the bed, emptied the trash and moved around doing her job. I asked about it and found that, like most employees everywhere, the extent of her safety training as it relates to bending and lifting back safety/injury prevention was a video and some discussion about “using your legs”.

When she found out that I am here for a Chiropractic seminar, she started asking questions. They boiled down to this very common question: “Once you have hurt your back can it ever return to normal again?”

A 20-year old with a history of sports injuries and a car accident, she had been told that she had the spine of a 30-year old man by a doctor who had seen x-rays. That means that they saw alignment (dysfunction) issues in her spine that went back a while. So, with the car accident, she had an injury on top of other injuries.

After the car accident she was seen by a Chiropractor who saw her very often (almost daily) for a very long time (she mentioned about six months). She didn’t say what else was done, but she eventually stopped going because the relief was so temporary. She still has back pain and it’s bad enough to interfere with her sleep often enough that she wanted to have this conversation.

There is a lot that could be said about all of that. And many details missing from the picture: she may or may not have been given exercises that she didn’t do. She may also have had massages or other care that we didn’t talk about.

What was clear is that she isn’t now doing anything specific in the way of exercises that help her. And, after watching her straighten up the room, she clearly was never shown how to bend and lift, or if she was shown she forgot, because it isn’t her habit.

I explained the “natural history” of back pain (which I plan to write a Post about soon, so I will link these two Posts), and the critical elements of effective relief, rehabilitation and recovery stages of care after injuries. And I offered to find her a Chiropractor in Spokane, where she lives, who can offer that to her.

This young woman’s future is a predictable as the haze over Post Falls in August if something isn’t done about it: work-related bending and lifting injuries, with all the associated claims and costs (to her, her employer and all the rest of us), and a lot of suffering that will affect her, her family, her employer and all the rest of us.

And it could all be prevented.

Before the disabilities, the claims, the providers, and the injuries, there’s how you use your body. Use your back properly and you decrease your odds of injury, providers, claims and disabilities.

Learn how to use your back well and how to notice if others are using their back well by attending this course in October. It’s the ounce of prevention that could save pounds of cures. If you are an employer it’s a way for you to know so that you can lead.


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