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August 27, 2013

How Chiropractors Got Licensed In The First Place

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An article in the August 15th Dynamic Chiropractic makes the case against Doctors of Chiropractic prescribing drugs. The audience is chiropractors. The issue wouldn’t even be taken seriously in my State of Washington, but in other States things have gotten that ridiculous. The reason I share the following excerpts is to help inform on the distinction between the chiropractic approach and all other approaches… just so you know.

“… the reason chiropractic got licensed in the first place was that every state (and in other countries as well), chiropractors had to demonstrate that they weren’t practicing medicine without a license. To accomplish this, they had to prove they were practicing something altogether new, unique, separate, distinct and practiced according to a principle that the medical profession either ignored or refused to accept altogether.

That principle, of course, was that a human being has an “innate intelligence.” Because of this intelligence, human beings are conscious, self-developing, self-maintaining and self-healing organisms. The principle further held that this intelligence, if interfered-with in any manner, would result in a lack of life, impaired health and a state of “dis-ease.”

The practice of chiropractic was the discipline of detecting and correcting the causes of the interference (subluxations, thoughts, toxins, traumas, etc.) When these causes were corrected and the innate intelligence was allowed to express completely , the body would return to homeostasis (heal) and maintain a state of health and well-being.

Despite the best efforts by the medical profession to make sure chiropractors were neither granted licensure nor allowed to practice chiropractic (another story altogether), the profession ultimately made the case in all 50 legislatures in the U.S.”

There might be something in there for you to think about if you are a patient. You may have questions. Feel free to ask.


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