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September 9, 2013

On-Site Back Safety Training: Bending & Lifting

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[What follows is a description of one way we help employers and employees avoid back pain injury. It, most concisely, illustrates the opportunity. Now, of course, anyone can attend the Course, Preventing Back Injury Through Proper Mechanics by Registering here. But if you are (or you have) an employer who wants on-site training, this offer still applies.]

Back Safety Training: Bending & Lifting

PREMISE: Improper bending and lifting technique among employees increases the risk of injuries and related direct and indirect costs to both employee and employer.


1. To provide a means of screening bending and lifting technique as a way of measuring risk of injury
2. To provide a means of correcting flawed bending and lifting technique as a way to reduce the risk of injury

Measures of Success: Participants will be able to:

• Describe and demonstrate correct bending and lifting technique
• Recognize and critique incorrect bending and lifting technique
• Offer corrections to improve bending and lifting technique

Value: If the participants are able to recognize correct and incorrect bending & lifting technique, they can screen employees or offer instruction and coaching as and when needed. This will increase the probability that employees will use correct technique, and this will reduce the risk of injury. Less risk will result in fewer injuries.

Recommendations: I will facilitate a one-hour workshop with 5-6 participants. We will discuss the key elements of proper bending and lifting. Following discussion and demonstration each participant will practice performing and observing a comprehensive screen as well as individual components of the bending and lifting motion. Common limitations include lack of flexibility in the hips and ankles. Remedies will be reviewed, demonstrated and practiced by participants.

Fee: $269, all-inclusive, paid at the time of the workshop or before.

Next Steps: If approved please call to schedule a date and a time for your workshop.

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