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September 10, 2013

Following Through with Safety Training

From Ian Waldron August 1st, 2011 Posted in the InjuryFree Blog

The emphasis (bold) is mine!

Results of a recent study conducted by ESI International show that many companies could benefit from improving their safety training programs.

The study polled upwards of 3,000 training managers, 60% of whom said they did not have a formal process for determining whether or not employees had actually applied their safety training to job duties. This statistic is concerning to safety professionals, as it draws attention to the lack of evaluation of company safety programs.

ESI International’s study also showed that 20% of training managers said their employers offered financial rewards as motivation for completing training and applying the training to job duties. Financial incentives have been a successful approach to encouraging the acceptance and application of safety programs in companies.

Another alarming statistic is that just 23% of training managers polled claimed their managers sought follow-up programs and feedback to determine the effectiveness and application of employee training sessions.

The results of this study show company safety managers and experts the unfortunate, concerning truth: safety programs are endorsed at the beginning and are rarely seen through to become successful in creating a safe, positive company culture.

ESI International endorses the idea that the success of a safety program, as well as its positive impact on job performance, stems from the degree of support of company managers. Pre and post-training discussions, along with post-training reinforcement, are techniques that help ensure employees take safety training seriously and apply it to job duties.

The debate over the most effective means of enforcing and applying safety programs to job duties has been an active discussion for quite some time. What do you think?


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