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October 24, 2013

The JuicePlus+ 30 -Day Complete Transformation Challenge

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Over the years many JuicePlus+ customers have reported loosing weight after getting on the JuicePlus+ products. I’ve never promised that, but it’s an effect that many experience. Whether it’s from the increased energy or the decrease in pain resulting in increased activity, or the detoxification effects of getting more fruits and vegetables in their diets, the result is the same – weight comes off.

Now the folks at JuicePlus+ have the 30-Day Complete Transformation Challenge. It’s a simple and super safe way to “Eat Clean. Live Healthy. Completely Transform.” And it’s a very gentle way to do detox.

They call it “Complete” because it includes the JuicePlus+ Complete powdered drink mix. No ordinary meal replacement, this product provides 11 grams of Protein, 7 grams of fiber, almost no fat, and less sugar than any of the store brands, all in a 120 calorie serving. (There is much more detail on, for example the source of the protein, available in brochures at the office.)

It’s a very simple and straightforward program for getting real results in 30 days if you are interested in turning your health around or fast-tracking yourself toward more optimum health.

Still, no one is going to promise that you will loose a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time. I just don’t know how you could avoid it myself. Ask for details or get a brochure the next time you are in the office.



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