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November 20, 2013

Flouride in Your Water – EPA Reversal


Here we talk about water from time to time, especially the last couple of years since I learned more about Kangen water and began promoting it. And there is already a Post here about Fluoridation [I thought there was but I can’t find it – guess it was too controversial.]. I’ve mentioned that we stopped drinking tap water in 1980 because we didn’t trust it’s safety – and there have been updates reinforcing those concerns (Dr. Oz).

And I recently reviewed a big report by the World Health Organization which talked about many of the issues around minerals in drinking water, the pros and cons, concluding that Kangen water is a great choice and distilled water would be a poor choice, among other conclusions.

And all of that is without ever talking about the nastiness of the plastic water bottle revolution we’ve seen in the recent past. It strains the limits of logic when you consider the hugely unnecessary costs. Especially when compared to much more affordable options (like Kangen water, for one).

Now there is news that the Environmental Protection Agency has reversed itself on the subject of adding fluoride to drinking water. You might find it interesting.

Water is a big deal. Drink the best you can get. Drink plenty.

P.S. – And you might want to think through following the herd on other “common sense” recommendations that Government makes, such as vaccination. Consider all sides of the issue. Then decide.


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