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November 26, 2013

“Code Breaker” Article Adds to our Understanding


I was just reading the current issue of the Smithsonian and came across this article by Micheal Skinner. A local, he seems to have uncovered some critical connections in the search to understand the role genetics plays in health and disease. He is actually responsible for a whole new field, “trans-generational epigenetics”, or the study of inherited changes that can’t be explained by traditional genetics. I’ve talked some here in a prior Post about epigenetics and the whole idea that while the the genes you are born with may be the hand that your are dealt, environmental factors or how you play that hand will often determine whether or not you are sickened by so-called genetic diseases.

Still, it’s strange to think that “what your great-grandmother was exposed to could cause disease in you and your grandchildren.”

I think it’s worth reading the article just to get a sense of how these things are learned and how the process of discovery is influenced, and influences, commerce as well as our understanding of nature.


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