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November 27, 2013

A Safety Reminder For the Holidays


Yesterday the last patient of the day left the office long after dark. I left a few minutes behind him and his small child.

As I was getting into my truck I saw that he was about to pull out onto Evergreen Way right at the light in front of Fred Meyer. Worse than that he was taking a left turn.

It was sad for me to see and I watched and waited to make sure that he made it. There was plenty of traffic and it took him longer than most people like to wait (think patience).

He did make it. But not safely.

What he didn’t know is that the previous day there had been a serious two-car collision at that intersection. What he also didn’t know is that from now until the end of the year between that light and the next light going north there will be many car crashes – there always are this time of year. (They occur at one light or the other, or in the turn lane between the two lights somewhere.)

I tell everyone who will listen how dangerous that spot is. Safety starts with awareness. My patient didn’t realize what a high risk move he was making.

If you are a patient, please don’t use that entrance/exit!! There are several other ways to get into and out of our parking lot, all of them are much much safer. Coming from the south on Evergreen Way (so that it’s a simple right turn) is the only time it is safe to use that entrance.

Coming from the north on Evergreen Way either use the entrance further north (just past Banner Bank), or better yet, turn left at the light on Casino, then right onto 7th and right onto Holly and come in behind the office. That’s the safest. (Ask me if you don’t understand this approach.)

In nearly 26 years we have never had a patient injured in a car crash coming or going from our office. We don’t want to start now. Please, please, please be safe.

And have a great Thanksgiving!!!

P.S. – BTW, we will be closed on Friday for the holiday.


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