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December 4, 2013

How To Register For The Everett Community College Tai Chi Class

This Post may save you a few steps and/or help you with your choices.

[Note: if you are over 60, skip all of this and just walk in and pay $5. You are done.]

First, you can’t do it over the phone. But if you need their help the number is: 425.388.9100

You can walk in to the Admissions Office, which is in the Parks Building in the middle of main campus. (There you will likely wait in line and fill out papers, but it may be a one-stop shot. I have done it this way before. It’s works.)

You can also register online. Here are the steps that I have experienced so far.

1. Go to the Student Kiosk on the college’s website.

2. Next you need to know your Student ID number (SID) and your PIN. If you do not know these, then go the Manage My Information, give ’em your name, DOB and last 4 of your social to get the SID. (There is another link there for the PIN.)

3. Now you can go to online registration, give them your SID number and your PIN number select the proper quarter (Winter, 2014), click the “I agree” to the terms button, and the Register button and you have registered.

Paying for it online via a credit card is another journey that I will cover later. Right now the registration info is apparently still too new because it says I have a “zero balance”:-)

I guess they will ask for the Class Item number when I pay. It is 7140.

Be sure to register for the Thursday night, 7 PM class and not something else.

Good luck!


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