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December 8, 2013

You Never Can Tell


This past week a patient who has reached to point of not much pain (and not very often) underwent a series of basic tests for physical capacity. She wanted to know where she stands compared to the norm for her age and gender and how to best take her rehabilitation to the next level safely.

A physically active woman of normal proportions, this 60 something performed very well on many of the tests.

To both of our surprise she did not perform well on a few tests. Neither of us could have predicted that these particular tests would prove so difficult. After the series of tests though it now makes much better sense why, on occasion, she gets back pain with what would otherwise seem like tolerable activity – some Jazzercise class exercises for example.

We were able to look at the results of her tests and modify her home exercise program to target the specific areas where she is particularly weak; and we were able to set the level of exercise difficulty right where it needs to be to both set her up to make progress and at the same time not over due it.

This is a classic example of taking the time to figure out how to best spend time exercising so as not to waste time on lower priority activities that might also be dangerous.

It was also really fun to figure out specific exercises that would simultaneously address her (very specific) set of issues – thereby making the exercises we did choose very time efficient.

You can do this too. Once you get past your current symptoms, you can get past the very basic beginner exercises and into a program that will really stabilize and protect your spine. This will make you more confident in the activities that you do. And it will prevent relapses. Less pain, more fun!



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