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December 11, 2013

Past, Present and Future


Because of my Past, I can predict your Future… if I observe you in the Present.

I stopped by the shop the other day to replace a tail light bulb and the plastic thingy that covers it.

The guy working on my truck had to kneel behind the bumper. He got up and down four or five times in the process.

A very early thirty-something, I can say this about his future: In ten years he will not be getting up and down the way he does now. His knees will not let him even if his back does. They will be too damaged and painful.

So what?

He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. His employer (the Safety person), could notice and correct the guy’s technique and save him all that future pain and expense. Better yet, his employer could pro-actively train all employees how to more safely get up and down off the ground.

Why don’t they?

Maybe they don’t know what they don’t know either, but I don’t know why not. It’s not like it’s a secret. And it isn’t like I haven’t offered to help several times. (And I will offer again this week.)

For some reason training employees how to use their backs and knees just doesn’t make any sense to employers – or they think (pretend) that they are doing that when they aren’t.

For other employers they just don’t think that the employees will do what is taught. They are wrong. Every single time I have shown someone how to get up off the ground correctly they notice how much easier it is: why would they not do it that way from now on?

A long-term (I think she said 30+ years) Safety person at the local plane manufacturing company told me the other day that there were well over (in the hundreds over) 2,000 reportable job-related injuries among just the wage-paid employees, just at the Everett location, just in the past year (I don’t know if she referred to this year or last).

What we can infer from that is that there were a hell of a lot of other injuries that did not end up getting reported; and that when you throw in the salaried employees, there were a hell of a lot of job-related injuries.

Just part of the cost of doing business? I don’t think so. Is it any wonder that we have a “Disability Industrial Complex”. [Caution: that link is to a Post that I was advised I shouldn’t leave up – I took it down for awhile even. It was deemed not diplomatic – nice – enough. So be warned.]


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