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December 17, 2013

Atlas-Axis and the world of Migraine Headaches

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A young woman was in the office last night with her grandmother who, a year ago, had gotten her started with chiropractic care.

I think that she is a senior in high school now, but starting within a few weeks of getting adjusted her headaches began to ease. It took a few months for them to essentially go away. And it took a few more months of being in adjustment and exercises before she could hold her spinal adjustments a month at a time.

Now, she gets checked each month and reports maybe one headache, of short duration and mild intensity, in the interim. She lettered on the swim team this past season, and is never inconvenienced by the pain of a migraine. In the past it was interfering with many aspects of her life and she often had to factor in a migraine as part of navigating her day.

She has also connected the onset of the headaches she does have to her stress level, so she’s getting an education there in stress management.

This kid is a third generation chiropractic patient enjoying one of the many benefits of chiropractic care. She doesn’t suffer. She doesn’t take drugs. And she doesn’t have to arrange her life around pain. A good thing.

(Side note: chiropractic isn’t famous in the literature for what it can do for Migraine headaches. I wonder if that’s partly because almost all of the cases studied were adults who were long-term sufferers. Get the kids adjusted early; save them from later problems – or save those problems from becoming much worse than they would otherwise be.)

Who do you know that really doesn’t need to suffer so much?

What price is being paid by not getting chiropractic care? (Instead of How much does chiropractic care (health) cost? A fundamentally different way of thinking between the sick and the healthy – it’s a matter of values)

And for how much longer?

(It’s a feature of mainstream medicine that people suffer and suffer until things get bad enough for the professions to figure out what’s going on (or not) and do something about it. All unnecessary.)



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