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December 26, 2013

Some Things to Consider While You Sanitize Your Hands to Take Your Multi-Vitamins

This week’s issue of TIME Magazine reports what should surprise no one: the chemicals in anti-bacterial hand washers (a $450 Million dollar business) are harmful. Now that the damage is done and the money is made, the FDA is thinking of upping the standards. That Germ Theory sure is good for business.

And speaking of business, on the same page, TIME reports what will be old news to readers of this Blog: the $28 million spent on vitamins by Americans in 2010 “may have been useless, since there is scant evidence of their effectiveness.” It’s actually worse than that, many isolated vitamin supplements have the potential for doing harm, great harm. We’ve avoided supplements, other than whole food supplements, since 1980. And when there was evidence of effectiveness – gold standard evidence of the highest quality – we began recommending an alternative to the Big Box Multi-vitamins that so often end up in our patient’s grocery bags.

It seems that for every sick offering being pounded into your head by the media, there is a safe and healthy choice somewhere. When it comes to health, mainstream medicine trades in fear. For every cause of disease that they want you to invest in the “war” against, there is a cause of health that profits them not for you to know about and pursue. So don’t be the tool; use the tool.


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