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December 27, 2013

Employers Begin to Stress The Importance of Avoiding Burnout

From The Herald: Here is yet another take on workplace stress and burnout…

We know that there are a number of things that you can do to avoid burn out. Here are a few science-based recommendations:

1. Get Chiropractic care. The Chiropractic adjustment results in the general relaxation response, which relaxes muscles, frees up movement, and eases breathing – and get a massage now and then for the very same reasons.

2. Do Tai Chi. The gentle stretching, smooth motion, deep slow breathing, and focused attention result in a meditative effect that is relaxing and restorative;

3. Meditate. The simple act of holding still, closing your eyes, and putting your attention on your breathing will do it. If you want to take it further, all the better.

4. Improve your diet and stay hydrated. Eat and supplement with whole foods. Focus on vegetables. Emphasize the greens. Drink the best water that you can get and plenty of it.

5. Laugh. Hang out with kids if you can.

6. Be thankful. You are lucky.


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