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December 30, 2013

Generation “S”


I heard this phrase for the first time on the radio today. “S” stands for sick.

It refers to those under about 40 who grew up primarily on processed foods including, but of course not limited to, “fast foods”.

This generation and those that follow it are noteworthy because, among other stats, they appear to be responsible for the turn-around in heart disease numbers. Those numbers used to be going down; now they are slowly going back up – because they are showing up in an increasing number of teens and pre-teens.

You’ve already heard that Type II Diabetes is no longer called “adult onset”. Cardiovascular diseases are now following suit.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to happen to you, if you are a Generation S. And it doesn’t have to happen to the young people you care about, if you aren’t.

Shop in the produce section and the health foods section of the store; avoid the rest. Order salads. They have Paleo choices now in many restaurants. They aren’t perfect but they solve the food combining issues and are healthy choices. Supplement with real whole food-based supplements that are proven to provide significant nutrition.

And get active. Authorities long ago stopped simply saying that you should exercise; they didn’t give up all together, they just thought if they lowered the bar more people would comply. For years they have been trying to get people to just get more active: now standing counts if you have followed the news on how bad sitting is for you. Their thinking is that anything is better than nothing.

The point is to do something physical every day (sweat and get out of breath). Find something that you like. Do it with other people so it’s social. And make it a habit. If you make it that far, then you can work on the details of which activities produce which results and why you would do one thing and not another.

Make health a choice for the New Year. You deserve it. And whatever you’re doing instead won’t be worth it in the end.


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