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January 12, 2014

The Nice Thing About Having Back Pain AND Being Overweight

TIME-How Not To End Up Here

It’s all about Prevention

In the process of recovering from back pain, and after the pain is nearly gone, many patients value the opportunity to do the stability exercises that will help them to prevent a relapse. The first three basic spinal stabilization exercises, and the breathing and bracing instructions help patients re-learn how to use their trunk (spine), to control and stabilize it, so that they can move their arms and legs and themselves around in space safely.

The beauty of this approach for the over weight person is that it sets them up to do other (exercise) activities that will help them better manage their weight, with less risk of injury. Otherwise, many people jump into doing gym workouts or following exercise videos without proper basic body mechanics training, and end up hurting themselves. This defeats the purpose and makes it even more difficult to get a handle on the weight issues.

Many authorities agree with me that it’s a much wiser and safer approach to forget about the weight and focus on function. Get physical. Get active. Use your body and train to become stronger, more flexible, with more endurance, agility and coordination. Then you can watch many important health biomarker numbers gradually shift in the direction of health… the weight will surely follow of it’s own accord.

By starting right where you are and taking on just what is easily within reach, you win. You win the mental game; and you win the game of progression. Think it through. Instead of choosing an activity that is almost guaranteed to set you up for failure, choose something that you know you will have no trouble doing and doing consistently: building the health habit is 90% of the battle.

As you develop the exercise habit you will enjoy more and more of the happy chemicals that keep you coming back for more. With more exercise you will sleep better. With better sleep you will be more likely to get up earlier and have more energy. With more energy you will be comfortable being more active. It just keeps getting better… pretty soon you will notice which foods give your real nutrition and which foods provide only a temporary high, followed buy a predictable low.

It is easier than ever to choose health. Feel free to contact us for help if you need it: (425) 348-5207.


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