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February 15, 2014

More On The Consequences of Systemic Inflammation


Chiropractic adjustments decrease inflammation (scientifically proven). Did you know that?

JuicePlus+ products decrease inflammation (scientifically proven).

Tai Chi practice decreases inflammation (scientifically proven).

Medication decreases inflammation. (I’m laughing, I meant to say “Meditation” of course, but we also know that medication will decrease inflammation – you just have to be careful, right?)


Another good reason to know a little about the inflammatory lifestyle verses an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Another good reason to have a clinically proven secret weapon against inflammation that is convenient and affordable. (And inflammation is just one reason among many.)

Another good reason to think about whittling away at the negatives and propping up the positives in terms of a healthy lifestyle. Like grass growing, a little here and there over time makes the difference. Like moles chewing your lawn’s roots or the August drought, there is a point where it becomes “too late for the cure.” Killing moles or adding water after the grass is dead won’t produce a healthy lawn.

The beauty of Chiropractic is it’s simplicity: think Physical, Chemical, or Mental/emotional. Habits, whether healthy or not, can be looked at from this perspective – categorically. By starting wherever you are you can look at each element and ask: Is it Physical, Chemical or Mental? Is is something I should do that I am not doing; or something I should not be doing that I do?

Start with the easiest possible stuff so that you can chock up wins… and win the head game with yourself. Cultivate the happy chemicals that go along with even the slightest healthy moves. These happy chemicals fuel the process. The happy chemicals from healthy habits like getting adjusted, exercise or meditation (even just mindful breathing) are the same happy chemicals that we get from feeding our “addictions” to food, alcohol or whatever other bad habit we have. The difference is the consequences over time.


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  1. […] While, as Seth Godin says, it’s never too late to start heading in the right direction, for many of us it’s a matter of dealing with damage done. […]

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