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March 1, 2014


I created a category by that name when I started this Blog 7 years ago because the appearance of authority and credibility can be deceiving – and it’s everywhere in health care. For myself, I often claim to know a few things about a few things regarding health and not much more.

Here Wim Demeere, a martial artist who offers a great Blog on that subject – and a tai chi elder brother of mine from Belgium, goes into great detail on the subject of being an “expert”. Specifically, he addresses the phenomenon of “internet experts”, and takes one to task. As you read the Post think health care and the Ads you see each night on T.V. or read each day as you drive across town. Also, think about the advise you get from someone in one profession regarding issues involving another profession – which they happen to know almost nothing about but can’t seem to find the words, “I don’t know.”

Wim can be wordy, and he tackles tough subjects that need penetration to get context and clarity, but it’s well worth the time in my opinion (we wouldn’t bother if the stakes weren’t so high). Enjoy!


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