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April 5, 2014

Dr. Sears Talks To Pediatrians

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On Another note

I had a 5-year old on the adjusting table the other day for his third visit. On his first visit I found his leg balance off just a bit and he had just a few subluxated joints – one at the top of his neck, one at the bottom of his low back, and one in the pelvis (What’s a “Subluxation”?). By the second visit the neck pain he had experienced since being in a car accident six months earlier was essentially gone.

Anyway, on this third visit, before I even said anything out loud, his mother and I both noticed that his legs were off by a lot – more than any previous visit – she commented about it and I said, as I often do, “Has he fallen off a cliff or been hit by a train since he was in last”? She started to say no, but interrupted herself with a slightly shocked look on her face.

Then she recounted how he was on his 14-year old brothers’ shoulder’s at church, fell off, and the older brother had count him by his ankle, preventing a hard landing. We agreed that that might account for it.

By then, though, I had found something else: two subluxated joints that had been fine on his prior visits – one at the bottom of his neck, and another one in his lower back. I said something to him about how that fall must have been scary and he said, “Yeah, but I only hit my head!”

I checked his head for golf balls and we parted ways for another week…:-)

After considering what a Subluxation is, it might be enlightening to contemplate that not all kids benefit from chiropractic care (and why). This kid was checked out by mainstream medicine following the auto accident and released without treatment. What if his mother had not known a physical therapist who made the connection (between car accident and neck pain) and recommended the mother bring him in for chiropractic care? What if those subluxations, and the church additions, were allowed to remain uncorrected? Just something to think about.



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