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April 28, 2014

“My Hip Doesn’t Hurt Any More!”


That is a quote from a recent new patient a few minutes after being adjusted.

She had had hip pain for four months, enough that is was waking her up two to three times each night. She had torn her right calve muscle playing tennis in 2013 and worked with a physical therapist until just before her hip pain started. In high school she had gotten a concussion playing soccer. And she remarked that she had chronic issues with the ligament that runs from the left hip to the left knee (famously known among athletes and those who work them as the IT Band).

Those details from her history, together with a weight issue (it’s a disease now, remember), altered posture, muscle spasm, restricted joint motion and abnormal reflexes in the spine, pelvis and both hip sockets, added up to a pretty typical Chiropractic case presentation. (And a typical response to being adjusted I might add.)

This patient, like many, felt so good after being adjusted that she thought she could get away with running a few days after that first adjustment. Her hip wasn’t quite ready for that though, of course, and we have had to help her understand that a health problem that starts decades before the symptoms show up is not cured days after they disappear. Relief of symptoms and recovery are two different things. Relapse is often because of a failure to understand that process of relief and rehabilitation.

A month into it she has been adjusted a few times, her joints are moving better, she is doing exercises and stretching daily, and she doesn’t have pain (so, among other things she sleeps better).

She could have taken drugs to get rid of the hip pain. It would have worked. In fact, that’s what most people would have done. But the problem wasn’t pain. The problem was with function (going back to high school, probably). If she had gotten the pain to go away her condition would have worsened. I think you see where this is going… there is a whole mainstream industry out there waiting to get their hands on people who wait… (And don’t kid yourself that that mainstream system would have rushed her right into a chiropractor’s office to find the cause and correct the dysfunction: they don’t make their money that way. And they don’t think that way – if they did she would have seen a Chiropractor as part of her treatment for the calve muscle pull and she never would have had the hip pain in the first place: but it’s hard for us to take credit for all the symptoms our patients never do get:-)

Better to focus on function, listen to the signals you body is sending, and FIND THE CAUSE. It’s a Chiropractic thing. Try it! (425) 348-5207


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