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April 30, 2014

News Flash!! Chiropractic Care Cures Lifelong Eczema in 2 Months

I was seeing a patient a little while ago and we joked about how long she’s been coming to our office for Chiropractic care.

It was February, 1964. She was 19 years old and pregnant with her first child. She was referred by her husband. She had had eczema her whole life.

I got all of that from the original History in her file, hand written by Dr. Hayne’s wife. (It was the Haynes-Thompson Chiropractic office back then.) I was amused at what’s not in the clinical record of a chiropractor, circa 1964: she’s “age-19” but no Date of Birth, for example. There are many others. (50 years of chiropractic care and her file isn’t a half inch thick!)

Two months after starting chiropractic care, this patient no longer had eczema – and it never came back. Fifty years later, that is today, she had a little neck and back pain probably from overdoing it in Zumba class, she thinks. She had been doing fine since her last, most recent, visit in January.

Just another typical (1960s) chiropractic patient. Not so typical by today’s standards. And she won’t show up on any Government health care statistics: Medicare doesn’t pay. It’s not “… necessary” according to them. Anyway, it’s worth it to her to pay for her own chiropractic care.


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