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July 8, 2014

This is why Yoga is so good for business…

How to guarantee that you will get back pain

How to guarantee that you will get back pain

Yoga poses recommended to prevent back pain.

Another case in point…

It is so easy for people to think that other people can do what they do, especially if it is easy for them.

These recommended exercises are not beginner level exercises. Some will be way too much for the average person, even if that average person doesn’t currently have back pain.

It is true that a normal healthy adult should be able to do these things without trouble. But in my experience very few people can actually go through a series of tests of normal function and pass them all. These tests are a great starting point for a person wanting to get fit. Whether quantitative or qualitative, these tests will reveal the weakness that can then be the target of a thoughtful workout program.

With that approach, the exercise program will balance out these functional weaknesses and round out a person’s fitness. In this way prevention really is possible, and with safety guiding the process, the usual set backs can be avoided.

Another often unappreciated benefit of this approach is that progress will be very quick and measurable. This gives a person the positive feedback they need to feel good about their choices and motivates people to stick with it… so they can continue to experience these successes.

You can leverage the entire process even more by targeting basic human movement patterns for assessment and correction/training, because then you increase your functional capacity at work and at play. Again, increasing the odds that you will not experience injuries and accidents and you can continue on the training path of health and fitness.

I know that all this might sound complicated, and you haven’t been offered this approach at the gym or from the media. It isn’t that complicated at all. The tests are all published and are being used by sports teams and coaches, trainers and therapists, across the country and through out the world. You haven’t heard about it because it isn’t a sound-bite sell. It doesn’t come across as sexy as the article above.

Think about what you really want from your exercises and what the exercises you are doing really provide. If you are happy with the results you are getting and the progress you are making, wonderful. If you would like help, give us a call at (425) 348-5207.


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