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August 22, 2014

From Water to Waving Hands In Clouds; Health, Healing & The Fascial Connection




An interesting article connecting concepts from Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture/acupressure) and the internal martial arts such as Tai Chi together by way of our recent revelations about the structure and function of the myo-fascial system of connecting tissue found throughout the body. It’s a good read and helps hint at the genius of developers of Tai Chi and those who master the body-mind connection inherent in the practice of any type of so-called “body work.”

Here (this Blog) I’ve talked about Exercise, Energy Medicine, and Stretching; I’ve talked about water (often) and I’ve talked about Tai chi (endlessly), and of course the role of diet and nutrition. Their importance can’t be overstated and their impacts are so broad and all-incompassing that to miss the opportunities for health and wellbeing that they offer seems a terrible shame. Today their gifts are needed as much as they ever have been – there is a lot of unnecessary sickness and suffering going on.

The point here is that these options (which I live to help make available) are all inter-related. They each affect the other: a conscious water policy isn’t just about water; doing Tai Chi isn’t just about getting exercise; and taking whole food supplements isn’t just about getting your fruits and vegetables.

In Tai Chi we teach that when you practice all aspects (Hand Form, Weapons Forms, Applications, Internal Strength and Push Hands) you benefit from the integration in ways that practicing only one or two aspects won’t give. With a full syllabus you have a complete system of exercise and self-defense, with all the attendant health benefits to numerous to even count.

And while in Chiropractic we talk about keeping things simple by addressing the Physical, Chemical and Mental/Emotional aspects as if they were separate, we know that they are not. Each is as much one as the other, but that’s a conversation much more difficult to have:-)


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