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August 25, 2014

Parkinson’s and Pesticides


Here is an article to talks about the increased risk of getting Parkinson’s Disease with increased exposure to pesticides, especially long-term low level exposure.

For many of us it’s too late to not get exposed. Many of us grew up in Apple country and watched (and smelled) the spraying that goes on each spring and fall. Or lived on a vineyard for 19 years. Many have suffered as a result.

While, as Seth Godin says, it’s never too late to start heading in the right direction, for many of us it’s a matter of dealing with damage done.

So… what to do. Here is what I have come up with over the years to deal with toxins from the past and to deal with decreasing exposures in the present.

1. First we need to concede that we have had, do have, and will have toxic exposures. So any and all efforts at detox are in order. Search “Detox” on this Blog and you will find Posts on subjects as diverse as oil pulling, nedi pot and , of course, exercise. I think we should do it all, starting with what doesn’t cost anything and is simple, easy and convenient. Then depending on your priorities, scale up. While it’s easy enough to do the oil pulling and nedi pot, a Enagic SD501 is a commitment in both time and money (call me if you are interested at 425.348.5207.

2. Familiarizing yourself with the organs of elimination and what makes those organs healthy and happy is another good move. That may lead to all kinds of dietary, and daily habit changes to facilitate their function. From sweating to Kangen water, there is a lot that one can do to help the body in it’s natural daily cycle of detox. Simply not eating so much or as often or as early or as late will help immensely.

3. Anyone who has seen a Kangen Water demo knows how much yuk comes off a few tomatoes (oil soluble pesticides, herbicides and insecticides), and where that yuk goes if you aren’t using Kangen water to clean your fruits and vegetables. Think about that in preparing your food. Most of us got a Kangen Water machine because of the drinking water; most of us wouldn’t trade it for gold because of all the uses of the different waters it makes, and cleaning vegetables is near the top of the list.

4. Speaking of drinking water. Good water is good for you; most water is safe (you won’t get sick from it, at least not quickly enough to blame the water) but not healthy. Kangen water, above all others I know of, will assist the kidneys in their detox duties. It will also hydrate better than any water I know of.

As you think through the implications of these options think about the “cost” of not making healthy choices verses the price of the practice of healthy habits. Think of how much you save by not getting a Kangen Water machine and using tap water instead. Consider whether those popular one-a-day multi vitamins are really doing much for you in the way of detox let alone protective nutrition. Can you really trust those TV Ads? That small print that passes by too fast to read?

Just a few thoughts for you to mull over…




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