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October 22, 2014

What Is the #1 Disability for Active Military Personnel?

You guessed it, back pain. What a shame. I have mentioned before the rise of back pain disability in this country and the world (It is the #1 cause of disability!!).

Here is an article focused mostly on the drugs, shots and surgery offered back pain sufferers in the military, and how that amounts to the “poster child of inefficient spine care.”

“The DoD readily admits that 20 percent of disabled vets and 30 percent of hospitalizations stem from low back pain, which has become the largest disabling condition among active forces. According to research done in 2000 by Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, “Unintentional and Musculoskeletal Injuries Greatest Threat to Military Personnel,” “in all three branches of the service, injuries and musculoskeletal conditions resulted in more soldiers missing time from work than any other health condition.”13

A Johns Hopkins study 10 years later found that the top reasons for medical evacuation from Iraq and Afghanistan are musculoskeletal disorders, not combat injuries. In the study, “Back Pain Permanently Sidelines Soldiers at War: Few Rejoin Units in Iraq or Afghanistan Regardless of Treatment,” researchers examined the records of more than 34,000 military personnel evacuated from Iraq and Afghanistan between January 2004 and December 2007. They found that 24 percent had musculoskeletal disorders, compared to only 14 percent who had suffered combat injuries.”

It’s gotten so bad that the terms “Disability Industrial Complex” are used to describe, essentially, the economics of profiting from this suffering.

From the standpoint of back pain injury in the Military, it’s no different that any other workplace injury. When it comes to that, the numbers are revealing as well.

And I have mentioned some options as an alternative.

When offered, people often say that prevention costs too much. It costs individuals, companies and our entire country NOT to invest in prevention, I would say. And prevention is possible, predictable and measurable.



  1. It is wild that it’s the #1 cause of disability! People need to know, like most things, preventive care is crucial.

    Comment by rapidreleasetec — October 24, 2014 @ 3:22 pm

  2. […] with unreported low back pain (following what’s known as the “natural history”). Disability and absenteeism is greatly increased by these numbers; productivity can be greatly decreased. These […]

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