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November 7, 2014

The Affordable Care Act… The Other Foot Drops

“Walmart will drop health insurance for 30,000 part-time employees, the company announced on Oct. 7, joining the policy of other major retailers. Walmart said it had not budgeted for the number of part-timers seeking to enroll in company coverage to fulfill their obligation to obtain insurance as required by the Affordable Care Act. The Arkansas-based company is the nation’s largest private employer, with a U.S. workforce of 1.3 million.” – TIME, October 20, 2014

More and more people are realizing that having health insurance doesn’t mean that you have any kind of coverage that’s meaningful – you have an expense, now mandated and enforced by the Government, which benefits the insurance industry and medical industrial complex.

And more and more people are realizing that the experience they have with mainstream medicine, when they try to access it, is not at all about them or their health. Unfortunately, they are often victimized by that system even more. Many never figure that out or figure it out after it’s too late!

Our experience, especially since January when the Affordable Care Act kicked in for most folks, is that alternative health care hasn’t been this good since before “managed care” got it’s footing in the mid ’80s. The average person’s experience as a new or established patient in our office is night and day different from the mainstream. We don’t have to tell them, they see it everywhere: real value. And they are happy to pay, get treated special, and get the result they want and need. Simple. Straightforward. Sustainable. Truly alternative.

So if you work for Walmart (or don’t) and want to feel better and function better, stop by:-)


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