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November 25, 2014

Alarming Research? Posture? Texting? Say It Isn’t So…

Old news is new news. If you align yourself poorly with gravity and spent time that way, bad stuff happens.

That graphic is a great one. It conveys – and the research puts the numbers to it – the effect of what we call Forward Head Posture (FHP). FHP is the single most common postural distortion we see in patients with back, neck, headache and shoulder pain complaints (remember Sitting Is The New Smoking?).

Not easy to fix when it been established over decades, and devastating to the biomechanics of movement as well as standing and sitting, this condition is a sign that there is a serious process going on – with or without the pain that will eventually accompany it.

FHP is an obvious outward sign of a complicated (complex) dysfunctional process that involves not just isolated alignment but also compensatory skeletal changes, reflex and other neurological changes, tissues changes (inflammation), and muscular changes (spasm and contracture) that lead to degenerative changes (arthritis), and a myriad of complaints and conditions.

Best to prevent it if possible, correct it early when you can, and address all the aspects of it if it’s well developed if you can’t, won’t or don’t prevent or catch it early. We can help. Call 425.348.5207.


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  1. […] Since the average smartphone user is bowing to their device upwards of three hours per day, it is an issue and will be having knock-on effects that the average smartphone user can’t even image. (We’ve talked about Forward Head Posture here before.) […]

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