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November 30, 2014

How Not To Bend Over


As a chiropractic doctor focused on health and fitness – that includes back pain injuries, how to help with them and in particular how to prevent then – I notice how people move. (Notice this woman’s age, her activity of choice, and her bending over technique – it’s a habitualized technique that she repeats hundreds of times per day, all day, whether she is in the garden or not.)

For some people it’s a difficult stretch of reasoning, but moving well is preventive; moving poorly is a risk factor, a major risk factor. (When this woman reaches 40 – the average age of the typical injured worker – she will have a back pain injury story to tell – the most common on-the-job injury.)

Who teaches people how to bend and lift properly? So far, in my experience, almost no one: not your family, not your coach or personal trainer, not your boss, and not your doctor.

Why? Because almost no one is interested (for a variety of reasons, chief among them is that they think they already know and they think it doesn’t matter much), or they can’t talk about it. That’s a shame. The price is high indeed. (When the direct and the indirect costs of back pain are calculated, because of it’s prevalence, back pain is the most expensive job-related injury in this country.)

My all time favorite magazine, BTW:-)

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P.S. – It takes less than a minute to screen someone’s bending and lifting technique (a way for employers to measure risk); and about an hour to teach someone how to teach others how to bend and lift properly (a way to decrease that risk) – think Safety Meetings.

P.S.S. – In a progressive, seriously safety-minded company offering a so-called “stretch & flex” class at the beginning of the work day, it takes about a minute of correct movement training each day to habitualize proper bending and lifting technique. (Search “neuroplasticity”.) That practice and the change in corporate culture that comes from awareness and leadership could save more pain than you could imagine and more money than you can count. Could, theoretically, that is.


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  1. […] the most import things are not even mentioned; and second, the images almost alway demonstrate how not to bend and lift. The posters are not all bad: they often have great information on them – good facts, […]

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