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December 10, 2014

“My career was always in safety.”

She is a lean forty-something who, after years working for others as a safety person, is in business for herself teaching… safety.

As the teacher of last night’s CPR/First Aid/AED refresher, that’s how she introduced herself. The first time she knelt down to put the disposable bladders into the CPR models her knees both cracked loudly and she made a face and some comment – I wondered if she would break the Knee Rule getting back up on her feet: she did. We were at Peak Health & Fitness, where I teach Tai Chi on Monday nights in a class of about a dozen folks.

Later I noticed how she bent over to put the same models into her carry bags, four to a bag. Her technique was identical to the cover girl from Yes! Magazine that I Posted on last week: poor in the extreme. (See “How not to bend over.”)

At the end of the class I helped her carry her stuff out to her car and watched her load it in. More of the same: she moved like most people move who have never been taught how – with no regard for how to protect her spine. Unfortunately, her future – back and knee-wise any way – is so predictable, and the pain, suffering, expense and limitations so preventable. (She does this for a living. Think about how many times she has and will get up and down off the floor, each time breaking the Knee Rule going down, and getting up.)

I just think it’s a shame. I joined the Evergreen Safety Council recently in the hope of finding out what the people who teach safety people teach about back injury prevention, in detail. How to safely bend and lift, get up and down off the ground and generally work in a way that protects the back, knees, and shoulders (the top three areas of industrial injury) isn’t getting down the rank and file. I think that I know what is (or isn’t) being taught; maybe I can help teach the teachers.


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  1. […] Last week I watched two roofers put a roof on the neighbors building. Same. The week before I took a First Aid & CPR/AED Course from someone who demonstrated the same poor lifting and bending techniques. […]

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