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December 11, 2014

“I can open my mouth all the way now.”

Three days ago a mother brought in her 22 year old son for his first visit. Several years of weight lifting plus 6 months of MMA training and his back (and one hip) was hurting.

We talked. I examined his spine. And he was adjusted.

The next day his mother was in again and said that he had reported soon after he was adjusted he could open his mouth all the way for the first time in recent memory. Yesterday he was in and confirmed that his jaw was relaxed, his back was feeling much better and he feels “looser.”

I mention this because, from the chiropractic perspective, we evaluate the whole body (think “holistic”) – not just the area that hurts. We check and adjust what we find. The nerve system and your bodies natural innate healing ability does all the rest. We are not making you well. We’re removing an impediment to your own bodies natural expression of health.

Remember the first chiropractic patient? He didn’t have back pain; he was deaf.

Get checked and adjusted. Who knows how good you might feel or how healthy you might become.

P.S. – I could no more have predicted that this patient’s jaw would relax than I could tell the other patient recently that getting on JuicePlus+ would cure her skin condition. (For one thing he never mentioned anything about his jaw:-) (Oh, and by the way, I did not (yet) adjust his jaw. Chiropractic is all about the nerve system!)


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