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December 18, 2014

Laughing at Low Back Pain

It’s often very helpful that new patients have been to other chiropractic offices in the area before coming to ourssome offices in particular. It gives them something to compare us to. And the stark difference is always noted, on all kinds of levels. Usually, but not always, that’s good for us:-)

Yesterday it was a new guy from California who had been to one of the local high rollers for a while, saw the operation for what it is, then spent some time on the internet (Yahoo reviews are why he choose us is what he said) before calling to come to our office.

He brought in his x-rays on a disc from the prior office. We could see extensive damage and degeneration (with multiple misalignments) in both the neck and lower back – his first and only skydiving experience (over 30 years ago) resulted in a crushed ankle and lifetime mal-alignment, pain and leg length imbalance. These account for the xray findings. He is now approaching 30 years as an airplane mechanic – so he works relatively hard too. (I showed him the x-rays since no one else had.)

We talked and I examined his spine. His past experience, in California and here, was with manual chiropractic adjustments, so I explained the Activator Method. I explained that I would understand if the difference was a deal-breaker; I offered to refer him to someone better at manual adjustments than I am (since with his spine I wouldn’t even attempt it), but he said no to that and we proceeded. (I made that move because there was no guarantee that I could help him at all and if I could it might take a while. It’s always good to set reasonable expectations up front.)

Because he was in quite a bit of pain, I would not be in the office again for two days, and he had prior experience with chiropractic, I gave him a brief Report of My Findings including a review of his condition, my treatment, safety, etc. and I answered any questions.

Then I adjusted him.

We were talking the whole time, or I was, and I probably made 5-6 adjustments, mostly in the lower back/pelvis/hip joints.

When he got up off the table and stood up he started laughing… hard. He just kept laughing, so I laughed along with him.

As we walked out to say good by he kept laughing and making funny faces. He said that he wanted to get home so he could write a Yahoo Review for us…

(So one of the main take home messages is that if you are seeing a chiropractor and not getting results or the whole experience doesn’t feel quite right – like it’s about them and not about you – go somewhere else! There are at least two hundred different ways to do chiropractic. And it’s as much as Art as it is a Science, so each of us is different anyway. Find the fit for you. Or come in and we’ll help you find the fit.)


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